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Friday, September 02, 2005


Defining Enterprise Architecture

Defining EA is a tall order, since there is little agreement on what exactly EA is. Some come from the technical-side of things, where everything is developer-centric and otherwise revolves around cool tools and subsystems to play with. Others take a more holistic approach, preferring to operate and a major system/subsystem-level, with still others taking it all the way to a business-process and IT integration level. Of course, we also have the various EA frameworks (Zachman, TOGAF, FEAF, etc.).

I'll share my definition (actually, definitions) of EA with you in an upcoming post. Before that, let's think about a few things:

What one sees in various EA literature is the term bandied about for everything from systems analysis to development and the project management of development. That is particularly annoying and confusing to some because there are two major sides to EA: the technology side; and the business side. As we will see, you cannot skimp or gloss over one and concentrate on the other exclusively if an EA project is to succeed.

Here's a short list about what isn't EA:

We've got a lot of ground to cover. Stay tuned.

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