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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Architecture Resources Repository

I received the following e-mail from Jeff Tash concerning an IT architecture repository project he's been leading and thought that it would be of interest to the architecture-oriented blogosphere. Here's the e-mail unedited (I will fix the links after I publish this)...


Back in April 2005, IASA, the International Association of Software Architects, formed a working group focused on IT architectural "Foundations & Taxonomy" with the specific goal of charting the "largely uncharted" profession of IT architecture.
One objective of the F&T Workgroup is to locate, qualify, sort, coordinate, and explain resources relevant to IT architects. As a member of the workgroup team, I led an effort for creating a repository of architecture resources. You can access this Architecture 'Resources' Repository by clicking the following link:

Alternatively, you can access the repository by using the following login procedure:






The visual model used for organizing architecture information is a simple 2-shelf "bookcase" containing several sets of different colored books. I recommend first clicking the bookshelf itself (labeled "Architecture") and then exploring other sections by clicking on individual books. It's easy to submit suggestions for additional relevant resources offered by other organizations by simply clicking on the FEEDBACK icon located near the top right corner of each web page.
The primary goal of the F&T Workgroup is to fill-in missing "holes" in the existing resources that already exist by building on top of the IEEE 1471 standard. I encourage members of the ITscout community to make contributions to the Architecture 'Resources' Repository. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Jeff Tash
CEO, Flashmap Systems, Inc.

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