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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Blogging-related Stuff

I'm going to take a break from enterprise architecture blogging for a few hours and consult with the blogosphere on something I've really been starting to enjoy: blogging itself.

In addition to checking out various IT- and business-related blogs, I've been purusing and in some cases, creating accounts at the various 'blog services' sites over the past month. Serious bloggers will want to take a look at these sites if they haven't already and see what's in it for them.

I signed up on the big blog services (dare I make an acronym out of that...BS? :) ) like technorati so that I could get on their listings. I don't enjoy blogging just to hear myself think and write, and I think that most folks enjoy getting site traffic and commentary. I also signed up for various RSS feeds (google, yahoo, etc.) so those get picked up and hit the blogging search engines. On all of these sites, use of tagging is important so that the engines not only pick the blog up, but properly categorize it in user search results.

I'm amazed at all the different blogging services out there - for emailing posts to subscribers, link management, tagging, blog rolling, etc. Most provide basic functionality free, along with the usual AdSense ads. Some, especially me-too services, will not survive long term but its nice to have all of these choices.

I am interested in all commentary about what folks like, or don't like, about any specific blogging services.

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