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Thursday, January 26, 2006



Hard for me to believe that it will be 20 years ago this Saturday that we lost Challenger in that awful accident. Time goes by too quickly.

The news is reporting on this anniversary, and NASA personnel are marking it also. NASA Adminsitrator Michael Griffin had this to say today as part of his prepared remarks:

"Spaceflight remains the pinnacle of human challenge, an endeavor just barely possible with today's technology," Griffin said in a statement Thursday. "It is an enormously difficult enterprise, made more so by the fact that we are human beings and flawed. The losses we commemorate today are a mute and terrible reminder of the sternness of the challenge, and of awful consequences of our flaws."

A good number of us work as architects, managers, and developers that don't deal with spaceflight, but with weighty issues such as the right to privacy, security of data, what we collect on customers and what we don't, and what we do with all of it after we have it. Not spaceflight mind you, but equally important to the customers that our businesses serve

I've had a wonderful time meeting all of the EA's and project managers through the blogosphere. I hope that our continued interactions with each other makes our individual and collective efforts the absolute best we can do for the people who depend on the products and services of our businesses.

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