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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Dot-Bomb 2.0

Nicholas Carr penned a great review and commentary on Edgeio, the Web 2.0 tag-sale site, and Russell Beattie defines a new term for what's been going on hype- and business case-wise in the Web 2.0 world: WTF 2.0. I love it...:)

Once again folks, we have the same-old same-old, circa 1998. Lots of VC cash swimming around trying to find a home and winding up in some edgy tag-mashups that will attract 500 competitors within days if they have any success at all.

I guess some people don't learn that, as Nick put it 'Edgeio enters a crowded market with a ton of pizzazz and a gram of strategy. Sound familiar? It should. It's what's engaved on the virtual gravestones of hundreds of dot-coms.'

There's money to be made in Web 2.0-land, but this isn't it. As I stated previously, we're in a sea-change with all of this, but it appears that we gotta let these Webvan- and Pets.com-redoux sites have their 15 minutes in the limelight before they take their inevitable dirt nap. Maybe it will come to a head quicker and less painfully this time around...


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